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Project Log: Rhoby’s first steps and future perspectives

They see me rollin', they hatin'

Yes, Rhoby is here, first steps

Video from tests
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IDEA! Website similar for

Mostly people who work with Raspberry Pi board know about this site –, which describe pinout and all pin’s functions of this single-board computer.

What if we will be able to have similar webpage, but with pinouts for all popular microcontroller platforms and boards. All you need is a click to the needed pin and read description or select necessery interface and highlight all avalaible pins at connector.

In modern world, when globalization is everything, good idea to have global open knowledge base for numerous platforms and devices which used by the people around the world for different hobby projects.

Rhoby 0.5 or Born to be micRhoby

Hello for everyone!

So many time passed from my last post here. I think is a good time to write about my work and projects.

My work in social robotics field started from Rhoby 0.5 project.  It was funny and small robot with two motors and some basic sensors.

Next serious step in social robotics – Rhoby 1.0, complex and useful robot which will be assistant for kids in learning some disciplines like foreign languages or geometry.

But how I said above – Rhoby 1.0 is a complex project and I need now less difficult projects and tasks, which will give me possibilities to make small steps for building something big . That sounds like very efficient way in my case.

So, let me explain you about “sidekick” for Rhoby – micRhoby.

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IDEA! HowSweet App

Tonight a great idea for Mobile App came into my mind.
An excellent name for it would be something like the HowSweet App or similar.
The essence of the application is as follows.
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Rhoby project (ver. 0.5b)

Rhoby – open-source platform for creating a small social robots.
This robotics platform ideal for learning kids to programming and electronics. But most important what is it very useful for teaching “special” kids, with autism syndrome for example.

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Hackaday Prize 2018

Yes! Finally here!

It’s started, another challenge for makers around world – HackadayPrize 2018.   Big contest which lasts almost the entire year. You can sharing your ideas with people around globe. If you interested in, please share with the friends and do your entrance, and of course support my project.

PyTXTquest update

Hello for everyone!

First stage of this “journey” is complete. Now I need a scenario for continuing my way in Python. Scenario will give me a possibilities to adding different brainteasers. Anyway, I keep going and discovering new(for me of course) functions and features of this lovely programming language.


Plus I started translate my PyTXTquest to english.

All source files on GitHub.

PyTXTquest or my way to Python

In one moment I realized that for my future projects I need new knowledge (obviously). And programming language was one of. Have spent some time by searching and reading numerous publications, I understood that programming language which I needed is a Python.

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Omniwheels is here.

Time to uncover some details about future Rhoby ver.1.0.

If you interested, please go under “continue reading”

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Golem is dead?

Not a big secret what I interested in blockchain technology. I very excited by projects like IOTA , Stellar or Blockstack .

Another one which take my attention was The Golem Project , I found it is very useful because sharing computing power for science calculations is a cool idea in the age when we own a thousands times more computing power than computers on Apollo program spaceships right onto our desks at our homes.

But through the time this project dissapointed me, because developers work very slow and lazy, commits at github is a rare event, founders only visiting a different conferencies, but don’t work on the project. For the moment, at the end of January 2018, project still in alpha testing. If you right now look at the exchange schedule , GNT is falling last few weeks even don’t touched the high ever.

The Golem Project is dead?

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