They see me rollin', they hatin'

Yes, Rhoby is here, first steps

Video from tests

Future is great! Now I’m making the code on Verilog for Spartan-6 FPGA by Xilinx.

Why FPGA? Actually I have a few reasons for this.

First, FPGA is all about flexibility. I can modify it a lot, sometimes in strange way, but I can.

Second, FPGA is all about Real-time. And I need it. For what? I planning to use four stepper motor for moving, and for precision I will use feedback like encoders or something different. All this stuff must work parallel and in real-time – that is a point.

Third, I planning add secret “ingredient” to Rhoby, and for this purposes system need a hardware like FPGA.

Few words about system design.

FPGA will be the heart the spinal cord for the Rhoby. Brain role will be played by SBC like RaspberryPi or Jetson Nano by NVIDIA. Which will be process the image from camera and decide on further actions of the robot.

For stepper motor driver I want to design my own board based on DRV8833 ICs.

Stepper motors will be NEMA8 type.

For connection with smartphone, I will planned to use BLE protocol.

But for this moment, I have a lot of work on FPGA design and mechanics.

Stay tuned.