Hello for everyone!

So many time passed from my last post here. I think is a good time to write about my work and projects.

My work in social robotics field started from Rhoby 0.5 project.  It was funny and small robot with two motors and some basic sensors.

Next serious step in social robotics – Rhoby 1.0, complex and useful robot which will be assistant for kids in learning some disciplines like foreign languages or geometry.

But how I said above – Rhoby 1.0 is a complex project and I need now less difficult projects and tasks, which will give me possibilities to make small steps for building something big . That sounds like very efficient way in my case.

So, let me explain you about “sidekick” for Rhoby – micRhoby.

micRhoby kit prototype

micRhoby is a project with three goals:

First goal: I build universal platform for testing numerous technical decisions, that is very cool, then you all time in experimenting, permanently try some new algorithms and etc.

Second goal: I create universal platform which can help other people to build their own robots, because all hardware and plans is open(I using CERN Open Hardware License). In next iteration it can be kit fo sale around the world.

Third goal: micRhoby finally transform to small compact robot, which can be used for learning to swarm robotics, for this reason I select ESP32 platform, it giving opportunities for using BLE Mesh and Wi-Fi technologies for this properties.

“Dry” technical informations and plans you can find on Rhoby project page at hackaday.io


Project is going on, stay tuned.