Rhoby is a companion robot which designed to interact with people for the purpose of teaching them new skills in the fields of exact sciences, philology, etc.

Rhoby has a two arms, one for the pencil, second for the “tablet” – LCD which displays a status of teaching assignment.

Head of the robot consist of OLED-display for eyes animation – one of the methods emotional communication with human, plus on the “face” is placed a speaker for verbal communication. On top of the head two antennas which actually is a microphones for hearing and determining the direction of the sound source.

On the body placed a “bow-tie” whick play two roles, first – making the Rhoby more cute, second – inside bow tie is placed IR-distance sensor for obstacles detection.

Rhoby itself will built on four-wheeled platform with mecanum-wheels. This construction giving possibilities for smooth linear moving in all directions.

Color scheme will be light grey, I think.

Main idea is a making Rhoby maximum cute and friendly. And minimize anthropomorphic appearance, because in some aspects like teaching kids with autism, more important look like a machine than human.