Ever since my first digital watches were presented me on eighth birthday, I fallen in love with watches. I own various types – quartz, digital, mechanical.

Last few years wearable electronics has becoming more popular, especially «smartwatches». And I started to look at this kind of watches, but I, similar to some other people, do not like the far-fetched concept of this kind devices.

The main function which is manipulated in advertising of smart watches – calls and incoming message notifications. As practice shows, most people do not need it, because if a person is really busy, then alert help him a little, and at other times so we do not put out phones from own hands. Situations with different meetings, which using in the commercials, as far-fetched, since at meetings all sit with own phone or tablet in recent years. Sometimes, corporate etiquette requires leaving your phone at the dressing room in locker, which sometimes made from metal and the connection between watches and smartphone is put under a big question in this situation. The second major failure for wearables – time of work. This is a watch. Time between charges in a day or less – is a silly. I am in love with watches and often sleep in watches, because I’m used to wear them all day. Optimally, it would be a week of work on a single charge. Fitness functions are certainly useful, but they the same with smart bracelet’s functions. So I decided to develop and manufacture my own “smartwatches” that will meet my requirements, concept and functionality.